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This paper proposes an optimization method for planning adequate number and location of feeder switches in a loop controlled distribution feeder. The purpose is to minimize the total costs on precondition of the service reliability indices to achieve the required level. First, a network equivalent technique is introduced to reduce the calculating burden in(More)
The high penetration of wind power generation brings new challenges for its integration into the network. The disconnection of large amount of wind power will result in serious consequence to the grid. In this paper, the performance of the wind turbines with doubly fed induction generators (DFIGs) during a voltage dip caused by an external short-circuit(More)
Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is a systematic project; the multi-agent system (MAS) was introduced to the field of CBM on the basis of distributed intelligent agent technique. The workflow of optimal maintenance decision was analyzed based on MAS, The system framework of distributed MAS optimal maintenance decision system and its prototype system are(More)
A new multi-purpose running state recorder for automobile is introduced. It overcomes the limitations of conventional recorder of little memory, difficult to be extended and data to be uploaded for a long time. The recorder, with C8051F005 as kernel, adopting serial interface RTC MAX6902 and CF card, can monitor and record running state of automobile in(More)
Sulfur hexafluoride is a gas with high electronegativity. For its strong adsorption to the electrons, it is widely used in the gas insulation. A microscopic model is established in our work to study the motions of particles in sulfur hexafluoride gas. Particle in cell method is used to trace the motions of the charged particles and the collisions between(More)
The formation of arc in high voltage equipment is an unbalanced gas disruption and the principles of it are important in apparatus switching. For the complexity of gas disruption principles, the modeling and computer simulations to the beginning of gas disruption are vital in this domain. Particle-in-cell method is adopted in our work to disperse the(More)
A new type storage energy element, hybrid super-capacitor, is introduced, which can be used for pulse source system. The hybrid super-capacitor is composed of anodes of electrolytic capacitor and cathodes of electrochemical capacitor, so it has the characteristics of high working voltage and low inner resistance. When the hybrid super-capacitors are(More)
After a comparison and analysis between several conventional ground resistance testers such as the megger and the ground resistance tester with single clamp and so on, their disadvantages in practice are illuminated. A new kind of ground resistance tester with double clamps is presented. The tester, with C8051F006 as core, adopting measurement method basing(More)
A new type of operating device for switchgear is presented, and the application and function of the spring in operating device is analyzed in details. Meanwhile, using the genetic algorithms, the design on the spring of operating device was optimized in multi-object, and the type test of the optimized spring was also passed. The simulations and experimental(More)
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