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—J2EE is used in many E-Business portal for its characteristic such as high stability, construct rapidly, easy to replant and maintenance and so on. Struts, Spring and Hibernate, which are based on J2EE technology, are Open Source frameworks. This paper analyses how to integrate the three frameworks according to their strong points and apply this technology(More)
It is very important to protect the data security in distributed web applications. In this paper, a file content tamper-proofing system is proposed, which can effectively resist file content tampering, and prevents illegal information spreading. To meet the requirement of authentication speed, a fast authentication algorithm combines file length(More)
SMS4 algorithm is one of the block ciphers used in WLAN, and it is the first commercial block cipher opened by China. In this paper, the principle of SMS4 is introduced. And a one-time cipher algorithm based on SMS4 is proposed and realized, thus the security of the algorithm is improved. The symmetric keys are also one-time by Combining from symmetric key(More)
—A large-scale authentication architecture and key management protocol based on combined symmetric key (CSK) algorithm are proposed. Through the CSK algorithm and smart card technology, the authentication process can be finished inside the chips, and the management of large-scale keys can be simplified to the management of small-scale key seeds. The(More)
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