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This paper presents the results of an analytical study on the seismic response of bridge in YingTan city. The main goal is to determine the capacity for various structural systems in order to evaluate the seismic vulnerability and to develop retrofit strategies. Another important objective is to investigate the effect of those response characteristics on(More)
Based on the distinctive feature and the complex construction with steel anchor box and concrete of XINJIANG Bridge in Yingtan, Jiangxi province, this paper analysed the stability of the bridge tower after the construction through a 3d model made by the finite element software ANSYS. The conclusion of comparing two different modulus of elasticity was, to(More)
The nature frequencies and mode shapes of flexible structures will be influenced by its large deformation and stress under the effect of loads. The numerical method is used in the dynamic analysis which has considered the influence of fluid-solid interaction, initial tension and the effect of large deformation. The results show that initial tension and(More)
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