Jixiang Fan

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In this paper, a map-based optimal energy management strategy is proposed to improve the consumption economy of a plug-in parallel hybrid electric vehicle. In the design of the maps, which provide both the torque split between engine and motor and the gear shift, not only the current vehicle speed and power demand, but also the optimality based on the(More)
In current engine controls, a number of control methods are based on the air charge estimation in engine intake systems. Since the derivative of the air mass flow through the throttle valve goes to infinity when the intake pressure is close to the upper stream pressure, the relatively large numerical error or oscillation occurs near the singularity point(More)
Dynamic equations describing the attitude motion of flexible spacecraft with scissored pairs of control moment gyroscopes are established. A nonlinear controller is designed to drive the flexible spacecraft to implement three-axis large-angle attitude maneuvers with the vibration suppression. Singularity of three orthogonally mounted scissored pairs of(More)
Control approach is presented for vibration suppression of tethered space solar power satellite (SSPS) during slewing maneuver by combining attitude control and active vibration control based on tether tension. The mathematical description for the slewing motion of tethered SSPS is proposed. Mission Function (MF) Control Algorithm is applied in the design(More)
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