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  • J Zhang
  • 1984
Forty-one patients in the Peoples Republic of China were poisoned by ethyl mercury chloride, caused by the ingestion of rice that had been treated with the chemical. A dose-response relationship was found. Five months after the onset of the intoxication, the patients were still in poor condition. They were treated with two chelating agents, sodium(More)
Object-based point cloud analysis (OBPA) is useful for information extraction from airborne LiDAR point clouds. An object-based classification method is proposed for classifying the airborne LiDAR point clouds in urban areas herein. In the process of classification, the surface growing algorithm is employed to make clustering of the point clouds without(More)
Filtering is one of the core post-processing steps for Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) point clouds. A segmentation-based filtering (SBF) method is proposed herein. This method is composed of three key steps: point cloud segmentation, multiple echoes analysis, and iterative judgment. Moreover, the third step is our main contribution. Particularly, the(More)
We develop a heuristic for a problem motivated by the loading of aircraft or trucks: pack blocks into a bin so that their center-of-gravity is as close as possible to a target point. Our heuristic either produces good solutions or else signals that none is possible. It also works when loading non-homogeneous blocks into a bin of non-zero and possibly(More)
BACKGROUND The importance of Cryptosporidium as a pediatric enteropathogen in developing countries is recognized. METHODS Data from the Global Enteric Multicenter Study (GEMS), a 3-year, 7-site, case-control study of moderate-to-severe diarrhea (MSD) and GEMS-1A (1-year study of MSD and less-severe diarrhea [LSD]) were analyzed. Stools from 12,110 MSD and(More)
In light of the increasing availability of commercial high-resolution imaging sensors, automatic interpretation tools are needed to extract road features. Currently, many approaches for road extraction are available, but it is acknowledged that there is no single method that would be successful in extracting all types of roads from any remotely sensed(More)
The Mw=6.5 Bam earthquake, taking place on 26th December 2003 in Iran, caused severe surface deformation. This paper described that it used the differential interferometric SAR (D-InSAR) technique and ENVISAT ASAR data to monitor the Bam co-seismic deformation fields. Firstly, it introduced the principle of D-InSAR and the method to select proper D-InSAR(More)