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This paper proposes hybrid distributed stochastic addressing (HDSA), which combines the advantages of distributed addressing and stochastic addressing, to solve the problems encountered when constructing a network in a ZigBee-based wireless sensor network. HDSA can assign all the addresses for ZigBee beyond the limit of addresses assigned by the existing(More)
BACKGROUND Trophinin is an intrinsic membrane protein that forms a complex in the cytoplasm with bystin and tastin, linking it microtubule-associated motor dynein (ATPase) in some cell types. Previously, we found that human sperm tails contain trophinin, bystin and tastin proteins, and that trophinin-binding GWRQ (glycine, tryptophan, arginine, glutamine)(More)
The therapeutic goal for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is to promote extinction and to prevent the relapse of fearful memories. Research has identified pharmacological treatments that may regulate the formation and extinction of fear memories, but not many reagents that block the relapse of extinguished fear are known. Radix(More)
The dried seeds of Biota orientalis are considered to be moistening and brightening one’s complexion. Ancient Chinese and Korean herbal textbook also reference it as a treatment of skin disorders like alopecia, scabies and tinea. However, no study has looked at the possible mechanism and molecular rationale of healing potential of B. orientalis. This study(More)
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