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In interference-rich and noisy environment, wireless communication is often hampered by unreliable communication links. Recently, there has been active research on cooperative communication that improves the communication reliability by having a collection of radio terminals transmit signals in a cooperative way. This paper proposes a medium access control(More)
Doping of semiconductor nanocrystals by transition-metal ions has attracted tremendous attention owing to their nanoscale spintronic applications. Such doping is, however, difficult to achieve in low-dimensional strongly quantum confined nanostructures by conventional growth procedures. Here we demonstrate that the incorporation of manganese ions up to 10%(More)
With the network neutrality debate, the revenue sharing between Internet service providers(ISPs) and content providers(CPs) has been received attentions. In this paper, we study the revenue sharing of them from the perspective of collaboration to reduce online content piracy. With higher efforts of ISPs to reduce illegal content traffics,CPs have higher(More)
A par tner ship be twe en CS IR O a nd t he B ur eau of Mete oro log y CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology advise that the information contained in this publication comprises general statements based on scientific research. The reader is advised and needs to be aware that such information may be incomplete or unable to be used in any specific situation. No(More)
We extend the Theory of Computation on real numbers, continuous real functions, and bounded closed Euclidean subsets, to compact metric spaces (X, d): thereby generically including computational and optimization problems over higher types, such as the compact ‘hyper’ spaces of (i) nonempty closed subsets of X w.r.t. Hausdorff metric, and of (ii)(More)
Rongchao Jin for their efforts and valuable suggestions in guiding the work presented in this document. I must acknowledge Mr. and Mrs. Dowd for their Dowd-ICES fellowship and the NSF through Grants DMR 0645596 and CMMI 1335417 to support the research in this document. ABSTRACT The goal of the research is to develop highly efficient visible light(More)
Triboelectric energy harvesting has been applied to various fields, from large-scale power generation to small electronics. Triboelectric energy is generated when certain materials come into frictional contact, e.g., static electricity from rubbing a shoe on a carpet. In particular, textile-based triboelectric energy-harvesting technologies are one of the(More)
Despite the importance of the human/social dimension of organizational sustainability, this area of scholastic endeavor has received relatively little attention when compared to the economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability. On the basis of social exchange theory, this study posited the important role that employee work engagement is a key(More)
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