Jiwen He

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— We consider optimal matching of submanifolds such as curves and surfaces by a variational approach based on Hilbert spaces of diffeomorphic transformations. In an abstract setting, the optimal matching is formulated as a minimization problem involving actions of diffeomorphisms on regular Borel measures considered as supporting measures of the reference(More)
Activatable cell-penetrating peptides (aCPPs) allow non-viral, low cytotoxic and selective delivery of compounds into target cells for cancer therapy. In tumour cells, up-regulation of human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) frequently occurs and is being considered as a target in cancer diagnosis and treatment. siRNA sequence that target hTERT mRNA(More)
Time critical applications must be able to execute efficiently in a grid environment with changing dynamics. Moreover, it should be able to adapt to changes both in the grid environment and in its own execution behavior, to ensure that run-time performance goals are met. Air Quality Modeling (AQM) is one such time-critical application that has high(More)
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