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Experience shows that different text classification methods can give different results. We look here at a way of combining the results of two or more different classification methods using an evidential approach. The specific methods we have been experimenting with in our group include the support vector machine, kNN (nearest neighbors), kNN model-based(More)
The purpose of this study is to develop a decision making system to evaluate the risks in E-Commerce (EC) projects. Competitive software businesses have the critical task of assessing the risk in the software system development life cycle. This can be conducted on the basis of conventional probabilities , but limited appropriate information is available and(More)
The Dempster-Shafer theory gives a solid basis for reasoning applications characterized by uncertainty. A key feature of the theory is that propositions are represented as subsets of a set which represents a hypothesis space. This power set along with the set operations is a Boolean algebra. Can we generalize the theory to cover arbitrary Boolean algebras ?(More)