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Synthetic aperture radar interferometry (InSAR) technique is an effective measurement for generating large scale and accurate digital elevation modeling (DEM). The removal of the flat earth effect is a necessary step in the InSAR processing. It makes the phase of interferogram exhibit the contour line of terrain and makes the unwrapping processing easily.(More)
In the process of lithium battery production, swollen battery detection mostly depends on manual testing which is subjective and inefficient. A new method based on computer vision is proposed to detect and separate the swollen battery. The mainstream shapes of lithium batteries are square and cylinder. This work uses square shape battery as example. The(More)
Decision information system based on rough set is an important processing form in data mining. Attribute reduction is one of the most critical issues in rough set theory. Chen et.al. proposed an attribute reduction algorithm for decision information system based on the covering generalized rough sets. In this paper, we first point out that Chen's algorithm(More)
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