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  • J. Govil
  • 2007
Internet has become the harvesting ground for many Internet malware. Bots play an important role in Internet malware epidemic. Since the existence of a network the discovery of BotNet has become difficult as they are discovered only after they have spread widely. In a short period of time they make millions of people their victim. Attackers are attacking(More)
The concept of transiting from IPv4 network to IPv6 network is being processed vigorously. Extensive study is being done presently on this subject as transition from IPv4 to IPv6 requires a high level compatibility and clear procedure for easy and independent deployment of IPv6. The transition between IPv4 internet and IPv6 will be a long process as they(More)
To optimize carrier to noise ratio (C/N) in satellite communication system is a complex process requiring compromises between many factors to achieve the best performance at an acceptable cost. In the present world GEO satellites carry the vast majority of the world's satellite traffic; therefore priority is to be given for optimum utilization of space(More)
Large amount of unstructured data are growing in the present world organizations, as organizations are growing at a rapid pace and accumulating information at an accelerating rate. Moreover data add real value in terms of increase efficiency productivity and profitability. It is extremely difficult for the users to sort through files to find data. This has(More)