Jivesh Govil

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The concept of transiting from IPv4 network to IPv6 network is being processed vigorously. Extensive study is being done presently on this subject as transition from IPv4 to IPv6 requires a high level compatibility and clear procedure for easy and independent deployment of IPv6. The transition between IPv4 internet and IPv6 will be a long process as they(More)
The Internet is expanding year by year and providing services of convenience and commercial value. It is also becoming prone for many attacks. Every day, new vulnerabilities are found, new threats are detected and attacks are launched. We need countermeasures for these attacks and IDS and firewalls are not able to defend all the attacks. In this situation(More)
This work was undertaken to determine the pre-harvest interval of bifenthrin and to minimize its residues in pulses and thereby ensure consumer safety and avoid non-compliance in terms of residues violations in export market. Furthermore the residue dynamics in the soil under pulses was explored to assess the environmental safety. The residues of bifenthrin(More)