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The important tasks in a wireless sensor network such as routing, target tracking are highly dependent on the location of a sensor node. Hence localization becomes an essential criterion in wireless sensor networks. Higher the localization accuracy better is the performance of the sensor network as a whole. Traditional mathematical algorithms can be used(More)
Localization has become one of the mandatory services in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) while dealing with critical operations such as coverage, deployment, routing, target tracking and rescue operations. Since the necessity of WSN has increased drastically to provide best solution with accurate results of sensor nodes, it mainly depends on the WSN node(More)
Position or localization is an important and extensively studied problem in ad-hoc wireless sensor networks. Most schemes require some nodes functioned as anchors with positions configured manually which are error-prone. In this paper, an anchor-free localization scheme is proposed. High accurate TOA is acquired by means of measure the time difference(More)
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