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Eye location is an important visual cue for face image processing such as alignment before face recognition, gaze tracking, expression analysis, etc. In this paper a novel eye detection algorithm is presented, which integrates the characteristics of single eye and eye-pair images to develop a hybrid classifier under the learning paradigm. The low(More)
This paper proposes a novel grayscale image compression approach using the binary wavelet transform (BWT) and context-based arithmetic coding, namely the context-based binary wavelet transform coding algorithm (CBWTC). In our CBWTC, in order to alleviate the degradation of predictability caused by the BWT and eliminate the correlation within the same level(More)
In this paper, a wavelet neural network (WNN)-based approach for invariant 2D object classification is proposed. The method employs the WNN characterizing the singularities of the object curvature representation and performing the classification at the same time and in an automatic way. The discriminative time-frequency attributes of the singularities on(More)
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