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The decades-old synchronous memory bus interface has restricted many innovations in the memory system, which is facing various challenges (or walls) in the era of multi-core and big data. In this paper, we argue that a message based interface should be adopted to replace the traditional bus-based interface in the memory system. A novel message interface(More)
— With the development of the scaling technologies, it's more susceptible to the transient faults for the modern microprocessors, so the error-correcting codes are used to detect and correct the errors in caches. In this paper, an enhanced architecture is proposed for the selective use of strong multi-bit ECC, where the main character is the extended L2(More)
It is well known that the TLB performance impacts the memory system performance, which is critical for overall system performance. Similar to multi-level caches, multilevel TLBs have become an important leverage for boosting data access performance. Applications have increasingly large working sets. Servers targeting such applications have thus been built(More)
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