Jiunn-Yih Lee

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This study proposes a novel analysis system for printed fabrics that can automatically make color separation and identify repeat patterns. The system uses a scanner to obtain red, green and blue (RGB) color images of printed fabrics and then convert them into hue, saturation, intensity (HSI) color images. In order to obtain color separation, a genetic(More)
Over the past few decades, liquid crystal (LC) displays (LCDs) have been at the leading edge of their field. Many scientists and manufacturers have devoted studies to improve the performance of LCD characteristics such as a fast response, high contrast ratio, and wide viewing angle. Therefore the in-plane switching (IPS) mode (Oh-e et al., 1995) was(More)
A direct borohydride/peroxide fuel cell (DBPFC) generates electrical power by recirculating liquid anolyte and catholyte between the stack and reservoirs, which is similar to the operation of flow batteries. To enhance the accessibility of the catalyst layer to the liquid anolyte/catholyte, graphite felts are employed as the porous diffusion layer of a(More)
In a multicomponent nematic liquid crystal (NLC) mixture of a liquid crystal (negative-type NLC) and a photosensitive acrylic prepolymer, photopolymerization upon UV irradiation induces the separation of the LC and photosensitive acrylic prepolymer layers, thereby leading to a vertical arrangement of LC molecules. In this study, we propose a simple vertical(More)
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