Jiunn-Fwu Lee

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The present work was aimed at developing stability enhanced silica gel-supported macroporous chitosan membrane for immobilization of enzymes. The membrane was surface modified using various cross-linking agents for covalent immobilization of enzyme Bovine serum albumin. The results of FT-IR, UV–vis, and SEM analyses revealed the effect of cross-linking(More)
Nano zinc oxide (ZnO) with moderate surface area and high pore volume were prepared using a facile preparation method. Chitosan was utilized as both chelating and structure directing agent. The application of chitosans in this study suggested that even biowastes can be served in a productive manner economically. The surface modification of chitosan was(More)
A series of silica-supported macroporous chitosan membranes (CM15, CM20, and CM25) was prepared by varying the ratio of 70–230-μm-sized silica particles. These synthesized membranes were further cross-linked using different cross-linking agents for covalent immobilization of biological macromolecules especially enzymes and in this study, Bovine serum(More)
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