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We propose Binary/Appearance Tracker which consists of background subtraction, silhouette similarity and particle filter to infer pedestrians' locations under different occlusion situations with a single camera. During the period of occlusions, binary and color silhouettes are adaptively used to effectively measure the similarity between the observation and(More)
In this paper, we propose two-layer coding algorithm to improve the performance of the H.264-based lossless (H.264-LS) image coding. From universal access point of view, the proposed method is based on the H.264 lossy image coding with other CABAC layer to compensate the lossy portion. Besides, the H.264-LS with DPCM (H264-LS_DPCM) and H.264-LS achieve(More)
The interactive devices, which help humans to easily access the computer and video game player, become an important technology to provide interactive multimedia services and entertainments in the 21st century. Considering the cost and the effectiveness of the human machine interface (HMI) devices, in this paper, we design a low cost image-based(More)
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