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Foundations for an Empirically Determined Scale of Trust in Automated Systems
Results indicated that trust and distrust can be considered opposites, rather than different concepts, and components of trust, in terms of words related to trust, were similar across the three...
Studies and Analyses of Aided Adversarial Decision Making. Phase 2: Research on Human Trust in Automation
Abstract : This report describes the second phase of work conducted at the Center for Multi-source Information Fusion at the State University of New York at Buffalo. This work focused on Aided
A Prototype Model that Learns and Generalizes Medin , Altom , Edelson & Freko ( 1982 ) XOR Category Structure As Humans Do
A new prototype model with complex yet realistic learning and selective attention processes that has a prototype specific attention cover age structure and is sensitive to correlations among featu r dimensions is introduced.
Towards an Empirically Determined Scale of Trust in Computerized Systems: Distinguishing Concepts and Types of Trust
Results indicated that trust and distrust can be considered opposites, rather than being comprised of different concepts, and concepts of trust were similar across the three types of trust.
Recognizing Deception in Trajectories
This study examines how the movement patterns of individuals may reveal their intent. Subjects were asked to deceive an imaginary observer using a paper-and-pencil test. Geographical and qualitative
Empirical Investigations of Trust-Related Systems Vulnerabilities in Aided, Adversarial Decision Making
This report presents research which describes and further develops the theoretical approach begun earlier, describes the completed trust scale, and describes an experimental test bed and an initial experiment which tested the theoretical framework developed.
Towards Deceptive Intention: Finding Trajectories and Its Analysis
This study investigated how an individual's deceptive intention may be inferred from non-verbal behavioral representation while simultaneously concealing suspicious movement. Using a paper-and-pencil