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Supply chain management is about integrated business planning that have been espoused by logistics experts, strategists, operations research practitioners, and information technologists. The information revolution has accelerated significantly in recent years. Multi-agent system based approaches for supply chain modeling was, thus, proposed to model the(More)
Collaborative product development is becoming more valuable because of the increasing coordination and management complexity of organizational information, responsibilities, schedules, deliverables, product information, and business process. As outsourcing and globalization increase the number of design chain participants, a collaborative product(More)
Collaborative design is a common practice in modern product development. Companies specializing in different disciplines, which are often geographically separated, work together to develop solutions for the benefit of overall design. In such inter-organizational collaboration, participants hiding individual skills and design rationales is highly desirable.(More)
Purpose – Most studies on higher education focus on students as customers, and evaluate student levels of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with their programs, while generally neglecting teacher work satisfaction. Thus, this study evaluates how employee dissatisfaction with various investment items determines the improvement priority.(More)
Security management of modern supply systems raise challenges to various aspects of supply chain management (SCM) researches, demanding an integrated and holistic solution framework. In this article we concentrate on two fundamental instruments to support the pursuit of a security centric supply chain management (SecSCM) mission. Firstly the security(More)
Order picking is not only one of the most crucial tasks, but also the most expensive of warehouse operations costs in a distribution center. Therefore, improving picking efficiency is a critical benefit to distribution center operations. The study explores the condition of the lowest packaging costs and shortest travel distance in order to improve the order(More)