Jiun-Ting Jiang

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To balance the tradeoff of the routing throughput in DTNs, we try to propose a new method to integrate the delivery predictability of ProPHET-Routing with our previous OOP-Routing, called OOPProPHET-Routing. Also, we have used the NS2 network simulator to verify our proposed routing method is better than before, and we have achieved a good tradeoff between(More)
Routing algorithm plays a critical role in determining performance in DTNs. In particular, the network bandwidth is constrained, it is a big challenge to find routing paths that satisfy delay tolerant and resources restricted. In this paper, we propose a new routing method using the rule of “First Encounter” within our routing method(More)
In this paper, we use ns2 to simulate routing methods. Not only compare the delivery ratio but also understand the factors that affect the delivery ratio. We choose four routing methods including our new routing method just been accepted in ICCNT2012 [11], named OOPFE-Routing. We will focus on the packet-drop-problems that don't depend on buffer queue and(More)
By routing protocol modeling, we can better understand the performance characteristics in different causes. In this paper, we will use the excellent tool in distributed systems and parallel systems, named QPN (Queueing Petri Net). And, we use the simulation tools of QPN, including QPME2.01 and SimQPN, to model the important metrics of routing method in(More)
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