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This letter proposes a novel method for channel estimation in a single-carrier multiple input-multiple output (MIMO) system with frequency-domain equalization/detection. To this end, we construct novel short MIMO training sequences that have constant envelope in the time domain to preclude the peak-to-average power ratio problem encountered in many systems(More)
This paper proposes a simple and efficient method for MIMO-OFDM channel estimation using parameters similar to HIPERLAN/2. Both preamble and pilot structures are compared in a 2 transmit-2 receive Space Frequency Trellis Coded system and the Mean Squared Error is used as a metric for comparing the results. It is shown, via simulation, that the proposed(More)
Recent developments in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) and single-carrier frequency-domain equalization (SCFDE) have sparked debate about the superiority of one method over the other. In this paper, we further this debate by comparing the theoretical performance of OFDM and SCFDE when each is implemented in one of two different(More)
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