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 This paper describes an infrastructure built in a national program to promote university-industry collaboration and international cooperation in aerospace engineering education in Taiwan. The infrastructure comprises three levels, namely, the program office, resources centers and partner schools. In the paper, firstly it points out the importance of(More)
This paper investigates the inflection-point instability that governs the flow disturbance initiated in the entrance region of a pulsating pipe flow. Under such a flow condition, the flow instability grows within a certain phase region in a pulsating cycle, during which the inflection point in the unsteady mean flow lifts away from the viscous(More)
This paper describes two distant-learning courses which are being promoted by Ministry of Education through a national program aiming to revitalize the university aerospace education in Taiwan, in order to respond to the trend of the manpower needs of the aerospace industry. These two courses, namely, " Picosat System Engineering " and " Introduction of(More)
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