Jiujun Cheng

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—Web service composition is a challenging research issue. This paper presents an automatic Web service composition method that deals with both input/output compatibility and be-havioral constraint compatibility of fuzzy semantic services. First, user input and output requirements are modeled as a set of facts and a goal statement in the Horn clauses,(More)
High-throughput sequencing methods have been instrumental in the growing field of metagenomics, with technological improvements enabling greater throughput at decreased costs. Nonetheless, the economy of high-throughput sequencing cannot be fully leveraged in the subdiscipline of functional metagenomics. In this area of research, environmental DNA is(More)
Bacterially produced biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) with versatile properties can be achieved using different PHA synthases (PhaCs). This work aims to expand the diversity of known PhaCs via functional metagenomics and demonstrates the use of these novel enzymes in PHA production. Complementation of a PHA synthesis-deficient Pseudomonas putida(More)