Jiuhua Zhao

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Abstract: In this paper, we discuss a class of distributed detection algorithms which can be viewed as implementations of Bayes’ law in distributed settings. Some of the algorithms are proposed in the literature most recently, and others are first developed in this paper. The common feature of these algorithms is that they all combine (i) certain kinds of(More)
Plug load and Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are the two largest energy consumers in commercial buildings. The use of the 2 systems is closely related to occupant behavior and schedule. It is significant to learn the occupant behavior pattern and predict occupancy schedule for controlling the systems to save energy. A data mining(More)
We consider a dynamical network model in which two competitors have fixed and different states, and each normal agent adjusts its state according to a distributed consensus protocol. The state of each normal agent converges to a steady value which is a convex combination of the competitors' states, and is independent of the initial states of agents. This(More)
We present an opinion formation model in which individuals are supposed to seek a consensus on the truth. All agents are boundedly confident in the sense that an agent communicates with another one if their opinion difference is not greater than a threshold which is called the bound of confidence. When facing the truth, they are also boundedly confident(More)
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