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By use of a superresolution pupil filtering technique to achieve a lateral optical superresolution and a differential confocal microscopy technique to achieve an axial resolution at the nanometer level, we propose a high spatial resolution bipolar absolute differential confocal approach for the ultraprecision measurement of three-dimensional(More)
The longitudinal component of a focused beam is split into two parts along the optical axis to obtain a longitudinally polarized long focal depth using amplitude filtering based on Euler transformation and a radially polarized Bessel-Gaussian beam. Numerical results indicate that long focal depth and FWHM can be easily achieved with 9λ and 0.8λ,(More)
A moveable lens is used for determining amplitude and phase on the object plane. The extended fractional Fourier transform is introduced to address the single lens imaging. We put forward a fast algorithm for the transform by convolution. Combined with parallel iterative phase retrieval algorithm, it is applied to reconstruct the complex amplitude of the(More)
A design and optimization method based on vectorial angular spectrum theory is proposed in this paper for the vectorial design of a super-oscillatory lens (SOL), so that the radially polarized vector beam can be tightly focused. The structure of a SOL is optimized using genetic algorithm and the computational process is accelerated using fast Hankel(More)
This paper presents the design and realization of a three degrees of freedom (DOFs) displacement measurement system composed of Hall sensors, which is built for the XYθz displacement measurement of the short stroke stage of the reticle stage of lithography. The measurement system consists of three pairs of permanent magnets mounted on the same plane on the(More)
A Gaussian filter is designed using circular convolution with eccentricity and probe offset taken into account for roundness measurement. It is found through analyses and experiments that the newly designed filter can perform as well as a fast Fourier Gaussian filter for high precision calibration in laboratory, and it can be better used for roundness(More)
A high-performance electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding structure based on pure graphene (without doping) consists of several graphene sheets separated by transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films. We report the theoretical and experimental design, and characterization of the multi-layer graphene/PET structures. With a total graphene(More)
For fine stitching of multiwindow wide-spectrum detectors, an aspherical Schwarzschild objective with an effective working distance of 525 mm has been realized for chromatic aberration-free imaging in 400-900 nm wavelength range and with a numerical aperture of 0.13. A theoretical approach for analytical design of an initial configuration has been modeled(More)