Jiu-sheng Ren

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Effects of dispersion of the fiber orientation on the mechanical property of the arterial wall in health and disease subjected to the combined internal pressure and axial loading are examined within the framework of the finite deformation hyper-elasticity theory. Taking into account the residual stress, a two layer thick-walled circular cylindrical tube(More)
A dynamical differential model for the arterial wall under blood pressure is established based on a fiber-reinforced three-layered composite hyper-elastic tube model within the finite deformation theory. Effects of the distribution angle and the strength of the fibers are discussed. Time-history curves, frequency spectrums, phase diagrams, Poincare maps are(More)
Growth, residual stresses and mechanical responses of arterial walls under the inner pressure are investigated within the framework of a finite deformation hyper-elasticity theory. A biomechanical model for a two-layer thick-walled circular cylindrical tube is proposed to address the mechanical effects of finite volumetric growth and residual stresses of(More)
Instability deformation of the aged arterial wall in disease under the internal pressure is analyzed based on a fiber-reinforced three-layer composite hyper-elastic tube model within the large deformation hyper-elastic theory. Deformation curves for the aged arterial wall in disease are obtained through numerical computation. Effects of the distribution(More)
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