Jiu-Zhou Zhao

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The seedling development and physiological responses of Iris pseudacorus L. to Pb and Cd and their combination were studied for 28 days liquid culture and sub-cellular localization of Pb and Cd in the root tip cells treated with 2,070 mg L(-1) Pb and 1,000 mg L(-1)Cd for 16 days sand culture was evaluated. Results showed that the dry weights (DWs) of shoots(More)
The physiological responses and Cu accumulation of Paulownia fortunei (Seem) Hemsl. were studied under 15.7-157 μmol L(-1) Cu treatments in liquid culture for 14 days; the impacts of Cu concentration in the seedlings were evaluated under Cu mine tailing culture with acetic acid and EDTA treatment for 60 days. Results showed that the concentrations of Chl-a,(More)
The effect of citric acid (CA) and ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) on the growth, anatomical structure, physiological responses and lead (Pb) accumulation of Iris lactea var. chinensis seedling growing in Pb mine tailings for 30 days were studied. Results showed that the dry weights (DW) of roots decreased significantly under both levels of CA. The(More)
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