Jittiporn Suwannawit

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In this paper, some systems of quasi-variational inequality problems are considered on a class of nonconvex sets, as uniformly prox-regular sets. Some sufficient conditions for the existence solution of the considered problems are provided. Also, some interesting remarks are discussed. The results which are presented in this paper are more general, and may(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 2. Main Results In this paper, we are interested in the following classes of mappings. Definition 8. Let T : H → H be a mapping.Then T is called (a) β-strongly monotone if there exists β > 0 such that ⟨T (x) − T (y) , x − y⟩ ≥ β 󵄩󵄩󵄩󵄩x − y 󵄩󵄩󵄩󵄩 2 , ∀x, y ∈ H, (12) (b) ξLipschitz if there exists ξ > 0 such that 󵄩󵄩󵄩󵄩T (x) − T(More)
We introduce and study a class of a system of random set-valued variational inclusion problems. Some conditions for the existence of solutions of such problems are provided, when the operators are contained in the classes of generalized monotone operators, so-called A,m, η -monotone operator. Further, the stability of the iterative algorithm for finding a(More)
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