Jitkasame Ngarmnil

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A new structure of comparator circuit based on a pair of complementary floating-gate (FG) MOS transistors is introduced in this paper. Our main design purpose is to focus on low complexity structure and low operating supply voltage. The comparator comprises two stage amplifiers: differential input stage and gain stage. Simulation results from Hspice on(More)
This paper describes design of rectangular wave delta modulation (RWDM) buck regulator. It has simple and compact structure, then consuming less chip area. Hence, it is suitable for implementation in portable applications. Variable frequency operation is used to obtain low loss. The proposed regulator was implemented on a breadboard to verify the concept.(More)
This paper proposes a module of a high gain and high swing 2-stage amplifier. It is suitable for building a general operational amplifier in a modular fashion with various optional performances. The proposed module alone offers opened-loop voltage gain up to 124 dB and GBW of 10 MHz without loading conditions. To assemble a 124 dB voltage gain operational(More)
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