Jitka Fuhr

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  • Jitka Fuhr
  • 2009 IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference
  • 2009
Large power transformers belong to the most expensive and strategically important components of any power generation and transmission system. Their reliability is of key importance for the availability and profitable operation of such systems. A serious failure of a large power transformer due to insulation breakdown can generate substantial costs for(More)
  • Jitka Fuhr
  • 2011 Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC).
  • 2011
The reliability of all HV-apparatus is strongly dependant on the ability of the insulating system to withstand the permanent electrical stress without any damage during the expected lifetime, typically more than 40 years in service. If Dissolved Gas in Oil Analysis (DGA) shows an increasing amount of fault gases the results are analyzed and the risk of the(More)
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