Jitin Kumar Goyal

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Verapamil eye drops (0.125%) were prepared in phosphate buffer (pH7). Ten patients with unilateral (5 cases) or bilateral (5 cases) ocular hypertension received the drug topically three times daily for two weeks. A significant reduction in the mean ocular tension was observed in 6 right eyes at the end of the first (4.5 mm Hg Schiotz) and second week (7 mm(More)
Povidone iodine was found highly effective in controlling the infection and reducing the period of morbidity caused by experimentally produced staphylococcal coagulase positive corneal ulcers in 50 eyes of rabbits in comparison to Gentamycin sulphate. Povidone-iodine was also found to be safe, without any adverse reaction. Hence it can be considered for use(More)
Path planning is fundamental task of the mobile robots navigations, where the accuracy of path depends upon the environmental mapping and localization. Several path planning approaches are already used for accurate path planning such as Dijkastra's Algorithm, Visibility Graphs, Cell Decomposition Technique, A* and Modified A* Algorithms etc. A* method does(More)
Two cases of symptomatic inflammatory fibroid polyps (IFP) of the small intestine are presented, and the 17 adequately described symptomatic IFP previously reported are reviewed. IFP of the small bowel are rare. Most patients present with intestinal obstruction and a few with chronic anemia. IFP have characteristic histologic features and are easily(More)
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