Jitendra Yadav

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Virtual machine technologies offer simple and practical mechanisms to address many manageability problems in database systems. For example, these technologies allow for server consolidation, easier deployment, and more flexible provisioning. Therefore, database systems are increasingly being run on virtual machines. This offers many opportunities for(More)
In asymmetric key cryptography, also called Public Key cryptography, two different keys (which forms a key pair) are used. One key is used for encryption & only the other corresponding key must be used for decryption. No other key can decrypt the message – not even the original (i.e. the first) key used for encryption. The beauty of this scheme is that(More)
Foliar chemicals are variable within a plant and this may affect herbivore feeding preference. This study was carried out to quantify concentrations of primary (nitrogen, water, and total nonstructural carbohydrates) and secondary substances (sinigrin) in young and old leaves of Raphanus sativus L. and to evaluate performance and survival of a generalist(More)
Knowledge of peripheral nerve morphology, location, and variation is important for facilitating appropriate diagnosis and intervention. We present a unique case of absence of the inferior gluteal nerve and high division of the sciatic nerve. In this instance, the common peroneal nerve was found piercing the piriformis muscle and emerging distally in the(More)
The effects of synthetic phytohormones, such as jasmonic acid (JA) and methyl jasmonate (MeJA), on induced plant defenses and protection against herbivores have been well documented. Previous research on tomatoes has shown that exogenous JA and MeJA can elevate the activities of defensive enzymes, like polyphenol oxidases (PPOs) and proteinase inhibitors(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for controlling the collision avoidance for surgical tools attended to our Minimally Invasive Surgical Robotic system. In our previous work, we have designed and developed Minimally Invasive Surgical Robotics System, MU-LapaRobot for the laparoscopic surgical application. The MU-LapaRobot is designed with mechanically(More)
Owing to verification bottleneck, analog and mixed signal IPs like Phase Locked Loop (PLL) take considerable amount of design cycle time. To evade this, we have presented detailed real value modeling approach, which facilitate analog accuracy in digital simulation, for Spread Spectrum Clock Generator (SSCG) PLL. SSCG PLLs are universally used to avoid(More)