Jitendra Solanki

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This paper presents the control of distribution static synchronous compensator (DSTATCOM) for reactive power, harmonics and unbalanced load current compensation of a diesel generator set for an isolated system. The control of DSTATCOM is achieved using least mean square-based adaptive linear element (Adaline). An Adaline is used to extract balanced(More)
— This paper presents a 1MW, 12-pulse thyristor rectifier with passive filter and DSTATCOM for low voltage, high current industrial dc loads. The considered process act (electrically) as a current controlled, variable voltage load. Moreover the load characteristic varies extensively with number of hours of operation. Variable compensation capabilities are(More)
This paper presents a thyristor-based tap changing transformer and a diode rectifier for variable-voltage high-current dc applications. Back-to-back thyristors are connected in series with the transformer taps on the primary side. Thyristors are phase controlled in a continuous manner to achieve variable ac voltage at the secondary side of the transformer.(More)
—This paper presents a parallel combination of a shunt-connected passive filter and a distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) for a 12-pulse thyristor rectifier feeding a high-current variable-voltage electrolyzer load. Since the process requires variation of voltage and current over a wide range, the reactive power consumed by the thyristor rectifier(More)
The methylation of DNA at cytosine residues within CpG dinucleotides is associated with transcriptional repression and is implicated in maintaining genomic stability and also the silencing of repetitive elements. These imprinted genes are unique as they are expressed exclusively from one parental allele. The present study was carried out to detect(More)
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