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Scale-Space and Edge Detection Using Anisotropic Diffusion
A new definition of scale-space is suggested, and a class of algorithms used to realize a diffusion process is introduced. The diffusion coefficient is chosen to vary spatially in such a way as toExpand
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A database of human segmented natural images and its application to evaluating segmentation algorithms and measuring ecological statistics
This paper presents a database containing 'ground truth' segmentations produced by humans for images of a wide variety of natural scenes. We define an error measure which quantifies the consistencyExpand
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Shape matching and object recognition using shape contexts
This paper presents my work on computing shape models that are computationally fast and invariant basic transformations like translation, scaling and rotation. In this paper, I propose shapeExpand
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Learning to detect natural image boundaries using local brightness, color, and texture cues
The goal of this work is to accurately detect and localize boundaries in natural scenes using local image measurements. We formulate features that respond to characteristic changes in brightness,Expand
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Recovering high dynamic range radiance maps from photographs
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Large Displacement Optical Flow: Descriptor Matching in Variational Motion Estimation
  • T. Brox, Jitendra Malik
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine…
  • 1 March 2011
Optical flow estimation is classically marked by the requirement of dense sampling in time. While coarse-to-fine warping schemes have somehow relaxed this constraint, there is an inherent dependencyExpand
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Classification using intersection kernel support vector machines is efficient
Straightforward classification using kernelized SVMs requires evaluating the kernel for a test vector and each of the support vectors. For a class of kernels we show that one can do this much moreExpand
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Representing and Recognizing the Visual Appearance of Materials using Three-dimensional Textons
We study the recognition of surfaces made from different materials such as concrete, rug, marble, or leather on the basis of their textural appearance. Such natural textures arise from spatialExpand
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Object Segmentation by Long Term Analysis of Point Trajectories
Unsupervised learning requires a grouping step that defines which data belong together. A natural way of grouping in images is the segmentation of objects or parts of objects. While pure bottom-upExpand
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Learning Rich Features from RGB-D Images for Object Detection and Segmentation
In this paper we study the problem of object detection for RGB-D images using semantically rich image and depth features. We propose a new geocentric embedding for depth images that encodes heightExpand
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