Jitendra Kumar Singh

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In this paper we propose a scalable failure detection service for large scale ad hoc networks using an efficient cluster based communication architecture. Our failure detection service adapts the detection parameter to the current load of the wireless ad hoc network. The proposed approach uses a heartbeat based testing mechanism to detect failure in each(More)
Arc thermal metal spray coating provides excellent corrosion, erosion and wear resistance to steel substrates. This paper incorporates some results of aluminum coating applied by this method on plain carbon steel. Thereafter, coated panels were exposed to an environment known to form stable corrosion products with aluminum. The coated panels were immersed(More)
BACKGROUND Engaging community health volunteers and community health workers to provide maternal and child health (MCH) care services in resource-poor settings is one of the global and widely used concepts. Despite a great role of female community health volunteers (FCHVs) in MCH services in Nepal, few research studies have been performed in this area. Our(More)
Antenatal care has several benefits for expecting mothers and birth outcomes; yet many mothers do not utilise this service in Nepal. Mass media may play an important role in increasing the use of antenatal care and other maternal health services. However, the effect of mass media on increasing health service utilisation has remained an under studied area in(More)
BACKGROUND Economic constraints may lead to poor health among people from the developing world. Microfinance has proven to be useful in improving health outcomes elsewhere, but it still remains a neglected issue in Nepal. This study aims to assess perceived usefulness of the microfinance on health awareness and practices among different ethnic groups of(More)
— In this thesis work, study and simulation has been carried out of a memory-efficient pipeline architecture which performs the two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform. Normally the memory size used by two-dimensional architecture mostly depends on the pipeline registers of (1-D) DWT. In this project work, the data path can be reduced with the help of(More)
BACKGROUND The histamine H3 receptor is an attractive G protein-coupled receptor drug target that regulates neurotransmission in the central nervous system and plays a crucial role in cognitive and homeostatic functions. This receptor exhibits molecular, pharmacological, and functional heterogeneity that affects the preclinical development of effective(More)
Covered exstrophy is a rare variant of the exstrophy-epispadias complex. We report a female newborn with covered exstrophy, absent anal opening and duplication of the introitus and the lower vagina. This rare, previously unreported, combination of anomalies highlights the complexity of the embryological events in the caudal area during separation of the(More)
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