Jitendra Kumar Singh

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In this paper we propose a scalable failure detection service for large scale ad hoc networks using an efficient cluster based communication architecture. Our failure detection service adapts the detection parameter to the current load of the wireless ad hoc network. The proposed approach uses a heartbeat based testing mechanism to detect failure in each(More)
— In this thesis work, study and simulation has been carried out of a memory-efficient pipeline architecture which performs the two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform. Normally the memory size used by two-dimensional architecture mostly depends on the pipeline registers of (1-D) DWT. In this project work, the data path can be reduced with the help of(More)
This paper presents the simulation study of dual square slots ring antenna for dual band wireless application. The proposed antenna geometry exited by a single probe fed connected to the patch directly. The proposed geometry consists of two concentric, coplanar square slots ring at different position from the center of the patch. For dual frequency(More)
BACKGROUND The histamine H3 receptor is an attractive G protein-coupled receptor drug target that regulates neurotransmission in the central nervous system and plays a crucial role in cognitive and homeostatic functions. This receptor exhibits molecular, pharmacological, and functional heterogeneity that affects the preclinical development of effective(More)
Covered exstrophy is a rare variant of the exstrophy-epispadias complex. We report a female newborn with covered exstrophy, absent anal opening and duplication of the introitus and the lower vagina. This rare, previously unreported, combination of anomalies highlights the complexity of the embryological events in the caudal area during separation of the(More)
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