Jitendra Kumar Singh

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In this paper we propose a scalable failure detection service for large scale ad hoc networks using an efficient cluster based communication architecture. Our failure detection service adapts the detection parameter to the current load of the wireless ad hoc network. The proposed approach uses a heartbeat based testing mechanism to detect failure in each(More)
In this study, we demonstrate development of p-Cu2O thin films through cathodic electrodeposition technique at constant current of 0.1 mA/cm(2) on Cu, Al, and indium tin oxide (ITO) substrates from basic CuSO4 solution containing Triton X-100 as the surfactant at 30-35 °C. The optical and morphological characterizations of the semiconductors have been(More)
Arc thermal metal spray coating provides excellent corrosion, erosion and wear resistance to steel substrates. This paper incorporates some results of aluminum coating applied by this method on plain carbon steel. Thereafter, coated panels were exposed to an environment known to form stable corrosion products with aluminum. The coated panels were immersed(More)
Waste water treatment reservoirs are contaminated with many hazardous chemicals and acids. Reservoirs typically comprise concrete and reinforcement steel bars, and the main elements responsible for their deterioration are hazardous chemicals, acids, and ozone. Currently, a variety of techniques are being used to protect reservoirs from exposure to these(More)
— In this thesis work, study and simulation has been carried out of a memory-efficient pipeline architecture which performs the two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform. Normally the memory size used by two-dimensional architecture mostly depends on the pipeline registers of (1-D) DWT. In this project work, the data path can be reduced with the help of(More)
A new technique was accepted to fill the porosity of Al coating applied by arc thermal spray process to enhance corrosion resistance performance in artificial ocean water. The porosity is the inherent property of arc thermal spray coating process. In this study, applied coating was treated with different concentrations of ammonium phosphate mono basic(More)
Concrete carbonation damages the passive film that surrounds reinforcement bars, resulting in their exposure to corrosion. Studies on the prediction of concrete carbonation are thus of great significance. The repair of pre-built reinforced concrete (RC) structures by methods such as remodeling was recently introduced. While many studies have been conducted(More)
This paper presents the simulation study of dual square slots ring antenna for dual band wireless application. The proposed antenna geometry exited by a single probe fed connected to the patch directly. The proposed geometry consists of two concentric, coplanar square slots ring at different position from the center of the patch. For dual frequency(More)
We evaluated the applicability of metal spray coating as a waterproofing/corrosion protection method for a concrete structure used for water purification. We carried out an ozone resistance test on four metal sprays and evaluated the water permeability and bond strength of the metals with superior ozone resistance, depending on the surface treatment method.(More)