Jitendra Agarwal

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Association Rule play very important role in recent scenario of data mining. But we have only generated positive rule, negative rule also useful in today data mining task. In this paper we are proposing “A new method for generating all positive and negative Association Rules” (NRGA).NRGA generates all association rules which are hidden when we have applied(More)
Web mining is the use of data mining technologies to automatically interact and discover information from web documents, which can be in structured, unstructured or semi- structured form. The web has become a major vehicle in performing research and education related activities for researches and students. There is tremendous amount of information and(More)
Classification is a machine learning procedure that tags data instances into predefined class labels which are used to predict the data according to those Classes. Many classification algorithms in data mining have been stated, such as: C4.5, Apriori, Genetic algorithm, and Fuzzy set approaches which mainly uses heuristic or greedy search to get frequent(More)
Systems simulation has been widely used in the last decades in order to analyze the impact of different scenarios in several areas, and its application to information systems in no exception. Analyzing information systems through simulation models is simultaneously much more affordable; it is required a smaller amount of resources and it is less disruptive(More)
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