Jitender P. Sharma

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An improved extraction procedure for the determination of oxytetracycline, tetracycline and chlortetracycline in urine, plasma and tissues by high-performance liquid chromatography is described. The addition of phenylbutazone (3,5-dioxo-1,2-diphenyl-4-n-butylpyrazolidine) to water, urine or plasma enhances the extraction of these compounds by ethyl acetate.(More)
The high-performance liquid chromatographic separation and quantitative analysis of oxytetracycline, tetracycline, and chlortetracycline from urine and plasma were effected on an octadecylsilane reversed-phase packing. The calcium complexes of the tetracyclines were extracted from urine and plasma with ethylacetate and then reextracted into hydrochloric(More)
The quantitation of oxytetracycline, tetracycline, and chlortetracycline was accomplished by high-pressure liquid chromatography using an anion-exchange column. The tetracyclines were extracted from urine as their calcium complexes. Concentrations as low as 12 microgram of oxytetracycline/ml and 4 microgram of tetracycline and chlortetracycline/ml were(More)
The nonlinear stability of triangular equilibrium points has been discussed in the generalised photogravitational restricted three body problem with Poynting-Robertson drag. The problem is generalised in the sense that smaller primary is supposed to be an oblate spheroid. The bigger primary is considered as radiating. We have performed first and second(More)
A high-pressure liquid chromatographic method for the separation and quantitative determination of sulfamethazine, sulfathiazole, and their N4-acetylated metabolites on an amino-bonded reversed-phase column was developed. The method is suitable for the analysis of these compounds in pure solutions as well as in cattle urine. Retention times were(More)
We have performed normalization of Hamiltonian in the generalized photogravitational restricted three body problem with Poynting-Robertson drag. In this problem we have taken bigger primary as source of radiation and smaller primary as an oblate spheroid. Wittaker method is used to transform the second order part of the Hamiltonian into the normal form.
A simple and rapid method has been developed for the determination of milligram amounts of aromatic amines and phenols. An aliquot containing 2-4 mg of sample is dissolved in a mixture of hydrochloric and acetic acids and allowed to react with N-bromo-succinimide, the excess of which is determined iodometrically after the reaction is over. The reaction time(More)
The fecundity of two hillstream fishes, Garra lamta and G. gotyla gotyla, is related to their total body length (L), total body weight (W), ovary length (X) and ovary weight (V). The relationships to L, W, X and V were all linear. The correlation coefficient values (r) showed that total body length and total body weight were the best indices in fecundity(More)
The IRS-1D LISS III false colour composite (FCC) decoded imagery belonging to Kosi river watershed of Almora district of Uttaranchal under warm humid Lesser Himalayan agro-ecological region was interpreted and surveyed for soil resource mapping. On the basis of image interpretation and ground truth study ten physiographic units were identified. Soil(More)