Jitender Mehla

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Pdr5 is the founding member of a large subfamily of evolutionarily distinct, clinically important fungal ABC transporters containing a characteristic, deviant ATP-binding site with altered Walker A, Walker B, Signature (C-loop), and Q-loop residues. In contrast to these motifs, the D-loops of the two ATP-binding sites have similar sequences, including a(More)
ATP-binding cassette multidrug efflux pumps transport a wide range of substrates. Current models suggest that a drug binds relatively tightly to a transport site in the transmembrane domains when the protein is in the closed inward facing conformation. Upon binding of ATP, the transporter can switch to an outward facing (drug off or drug releasing)(More)
Pdr5 is a major ATP-binding cassette (ABC) multidrug transporter regarded as the founding member of a fungal subfamily of clinically significant efflux pumps. When these proteins are overexpressed, they confer broad-spectrum ultraresistance. To better understand the evolution of these proteins under selective pressure, we exposed a Saccharomyces cerevisiae(More)
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