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Protections for enabling uncompressed video streaming. In this paper, we present principles of the key features of the current draft D08 [1]. In addition, we conduct a detailed simulation study and the results indicate that the 802.15.3c can indeed support emerging applications such as gigabit file transfers and high definition uncompressed video streaming(More)
— This paper considers optimal power allocation in a multiple access channel, where multiuser orthogonal frequency division multiplexing is employed. We propose a power allocation algorithm for minimizing the sum of transmitted powers, when each of users in a multiple access cell has a desired data rate. The optimal power allocation can be found very(More)
— This paper proposes a transmit power optimization algorithm for a Gaussian vector broadcast channel. The optimal power allocation minimizes the sum trace of input covariance matrices of all the users in the Gaussian vector broadcast channel. By duality the transmit power optimization can be transformed into an equivalent convex optimization in a multiple(More)
— This paper concerns a robust beamforming problem. Specifically, we consider the problem of maximizing the worst-case signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR) in the presence of uncertainties in the steering vector. We give a zero-sum game-theoretic interpretation of the problem and prove the existence of a saddle point for the associated zero-sum(More)
—A low-complexity numerical codebook construction method is presented in this paper for limited feedback transmit beamforming systems. The so-constructed codebook takes a DFT matrix structure and achieves equal amplitude beamforming all the time. The codebooks are designed such that the selected row indices mimic the behavior of a difference set which, when(More)
Due to the extremely increased interference of multiple-input multiple-output systems, designing efficient transmit beamforming schemes is significant to degrade the interference. A novel beamforming scheme is addressed by incorporating a multiple hypothesis testing problem with the characteristics of the wireless channel. The proposed beamforming scheme is(More)