Jisu Oh

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It is challenging to process transactions in a timely fashion using fresh data, e.g., current stock prices, since database workloads may considerably vary due to dynamic data/resource contention. Further, transaction timeliness and data freshness requirements may compete for system resources. In this paper, we propose a novel feedback control model to(More)
Real-time data services can benefit data-intensive real-time applications, e.g., e-commerce, via timely transaction processing using fresh data, e.g., the current stock prices. To enhance the real-time data service quality, we present several novel techniques for (1) database backlog estimation, (2) fine-grained closed-loop admission control based on the(More)
A lot of real-time database (RTDB) research has been done to process transactions in a timely fashion using fresh data reflecting the current real world status. However, most existing RTDB work is based on simulations. Due to the absence of a publicly available RTDB testbed, it is very hard to evaluate real-time data management techniques in a realistic(More)
—It is essential to process real-time data service requests such as stock quotes and trade transactions in a timely manner using fresh data, which represent the current real world phenomena such as the stock market status. Users may simply leave when the database service delay is excessive. Also, temporally inconsistent data may give an outdated view of the(More)
It is challenging to manage the performance of real-time databases (RTDBs) that are often used in data-intensive real-time applications such as agile manufacturing and target tracking. Feedback control has recently been considered a promising approach to enabling reliable real-time data service. However, most existing work on feedback control of RTDB(More)
In the present study, we examined the anticancer properties of berberine in KB oral cancer cells with a specific focus on its cellular mechanism. Berberine did not affect the cell viability of the primary human normal oral keratinocytes that were used as a control. However, the viability of KB cells was found to decrease significantly in the presence of(More)
MicroRNA (miRNA) is a small noncoding RNA molecule, 19–25 nucleotides in length, which regulates several pathways including cell development, cell proliferation, carcinogenesis, apoptosis, etc. In this study, the over-expression of microRNA-205 (miR-205) increased the number of apoptotic cells by at least 4 times compared to the control. In addition,(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to retrospectively evaluate the clinical survival rate of Astra Tech implants in the maxillary molar region performed with sinus lift and bone graft. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ninety-nine Astra Tech implants (Osseospeed) placed in the maxillary molar region using sinus lift from September 2009 to February 2012 were(More)
Licochalcone A (Lico-A) is a natural phenol licorice compound with multiple bioactivities, including anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and osteogenesis-inducing properties. In the present study, we investigated the Lico-A-induced apoptotic effects and examined the associated apoptosis pathway in KB human oral cancer cells. Lico-A decreased the(More)
Damage to adjacent teeth is one of the various complications that may occur during implant placement and is often the result of improper direction during fixture placement or excessive depth of placement. In general, if detrimental symptoms, such as reaction to percussion in damaged teeth, mobility, and pulp necrosis, are not present, osseointegration(More)