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The myozenin family of proteins binds calcineurin, which is involved in myocyte differentiation of skeletal muscle. Moreover, gene expression of myozenin is closely related to meat quality. To further understand the functions and effects of myozenin2 (MYOZ2) and myozenin3 (MYOZ3) genes in goat, we cloned them from Tianfu goat longissimus dorsi muscle.(More)
The Akirin2 gene is a nuclear factor and is considered as a potential functional candidate gene for meat quality. To better understand the structures and functions of Akirin2 gene, the cDNA of the Tianfu goat Akirin2 gene was cloned. Sequence analysis showed that the Tianfu goat Akirin2 cDNA full coding sequence (CDS) contains 579bp nucleotides that encode(More)
Calcineurin, a Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase, plays a critical role in controlling skeletal muscle fiber type. However, little information is available concerning the expression of calcineurin in goat. Therefore, protein phosphatase 3 catalytic subunit alpha isoform (PPP3CA) gene, also called calcineurin Aα, was cloned and its expression(More)
Skeletal muscle genes are important potentially functional candidate genes for livestock production and meat quality. Myosin regulatory light chain (MLC) regulates myofilament activation via phosphorylation by Ca2+ dependent myosin light chain kinase. The cDNA of the myosin light chain, phosphorylatable, fast skeletal muscle (MYLPF) gene from the(More)
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