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Runx1 is a transcription factor essential for definitive hematopoiesis. In all vertebrates, the Runx1 gene is transcribed from two promoters: a proximal promoter (P2), and a distal promoter (P1). We previously found that runx1 expression in a specific hematopoietic cell population in zebrafish embryos depends on cohesin. Here we show that zebrafish runx1 is(More)
Correct reprogramming of epigenetic marks in the donor nuclei is crucial for successful cloning by nuclear transfer. Specific epigenetic modifications, such as repressive histone lysine methylation marks, are known to be very stable and difficult to reprogram. The discovery of histone lysine demethylases has opened up opportunities to study the effects of(More)
The cohesin complex has essential roles in cell division, DNA damage repair and gene transcription. The transcriptional function of cohesin is thought to derive from its ability to connect distant regulatory elements with gene promoters. Genome-wide binding of cohesin in breast cancer cells frequently coincides with estrogen receptor alpha (ER), leading to(More)
Cohesin, a multi-subunit protein complex involved in chromosome organization, is frequently mutated or aberrantly expressed in cancer. Multiple functions of cohesin, including cell division and gene expression, highlight its potential as a novel therapeutic target. The SMC3 subunit of cohesin is acetylated (ac) during S phase to establish cohesion between(More)
We can now sequence and identify genome wide epigenetic patterns and perform a variety of "genomic experiments" within relatively short periods of time-ranging from days to weeks. Yet, despite these technological advances, we have a poor understanding of the inter-relationships between epigenetics, genome structure-function, and nutrition. Perhaps this(More)
BACKGROUND Gestation is a crucial timepoint in human development. Deviation from a term gestational age correlates with both acute and long-term adverse health effects for the child. Both being born preterm and post-term, that is, having short and long gestational ages, are heritable and influenced by the prenatal and perinatal environment. Despite the(More)
Correct reprogramming of epigenetic marks is essential for somatic cells to regain pluripotency. Repressive histone (H) lysine (K) methylation marks are known to be stable and difficult to reprogram. In this study, we generated transgenic mice and mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) for the inducible expression of KDM4B, a demethylase that removes H3 K9 and(More)
Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies has resulted in the identification of hundreds of genetic variants associated with growth and stature. Determining how these genetic variants influence growth is important, but most are non-coding, and there is little understanding of how these variants contribute to adult height. To determine the mechanisms(More)
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