Jiseong Kim

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Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) are known to confer disease resistance to plants. Bacillus sp. JS demonstrated antifungal activities against five fungal pathogens in in vitro assays. To verify whether the volatiles of Bacillus sp. JS confer disease resistance, tobacco leaves pre-treated with the volatiles were damaged by the fungal pathogen,(More)
Nowadays, there are many ongoing researches to construct knowledge bases from unstructured data. This process requires an ontology that includes enough properties to cover the various attributes of knowledge elements. As a huge encyclopedia, Wikipedia is a typical unstructured corpora of knowledge. DBpedia, a structured knowledge base constructed from(More)
Wikipedia categories are a useful source of knowledge that is usually expressed in a noun-phrase that contains information about concepts of entities or relations among entities. In DBpedia KBs, they categorize their entities into Wikipedia categories using RDF triples. The RDF triples represent only categories of entities, but not concepts of entities or(More)
The genesis of β-cells predominantly occurs through self-replication; therefore, understanding the regulation of cell proliferation is essential. We previously showed that the lack of nonhomologous end joining (NHEJ) DNA repair factor ligase IV leads to an accumulation of DNA damage that permanently halts β-cell proliferation and dramatically decreases(More)
Developing a question answering (QA) system is a task of implementing and integrating modules of different technologies and evaluating an integrated whole system, which inevitably goes with a collaboration among experts of different domains. For supporting a easy collaboration, this demonstration presents the open framework that aims to support developing a(More)