Jiseon Ryu

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Unique dual medical system in Korea has resulted in the emergence of dual-licensed medical doctors (DLMDs) who have both traditional Korean medicine (KM) and Western medicine (WM) licenses. There have been few studies on DLMDs in spite of their growing number and importance within the medical system. We surveyed the current status and attitudes of DLMD to(More)
Human dynamic models have been used to estimate joint kinetics during various activities. Kinetics estimation is in demand in sports and clinical applications where data on external forces, such as the ground reaction force (GRF), are not available. The purpose of this study was to estimate the GRF during gait by utilizing distance- and velocity-dependent(More)
Purpose This study was designed to compare consciousness about collaborative practice between Western medicine (WM) and traditional Korean medicine (TKM) of conventional medical doctors who work in conventional hospitals and those who work in collaborative institutions of WM and TKM (collaborative institution) and to provide policy implication for the(More)
Purpose The collaboration of conventional western medicine (CWM) with traditional Korean medicine (TKM) is a critical issue in the Korean medical system. Becoming dual medical license holders (DMD) having both MD and TKMD licenses is considered a way of overcoming conflicts arising from mutual ignorance and misunderstanding. This study aims to investigate(More)
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