Jiro Nishitani

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The gene encoding the hormone secretin is expressed only in enteroendocrine S cells and insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells during development. A 120-bp enhancer directs cell-specific expression of the rat secretin gene in secretin-expressing cells. The enhancer includes an E-box sequence, CAGCTG, which is important for transcriptional activity. To(More)
The gene encoding the hormone secretin has been isolated and structurally characterized. The transcriptional unit is divided into four exons spanning 813 nucleotides. Comparison of the rat secretin gene to the other members of the glucagon-secretin gene family reveals that similarities are restricted to the exons encoding the biologically active peptides.(More)
Expression of the gene encoding the hormone secretin is restricted to a specific enteroendocrine cell type and to beta-cells in developing pancreatic islets. To characterize regulatory elements in the secretin gene responsible for its expression in secretin-producing cells, we used a series of reporter genes for transient expression assays in transfection(More)
A sensory survey was carried out using 4 different types of whole goat milk among middle-class females to investigate consumer acceptability of goat milk and whether there is an opportunity to expand the sale of goat milk products in Japan. Four different types of whole milk powder (domestic concentrate-fed, domestic pasture-fed, USA commercially canned,(More)
A consumer questionnaire conducted with the purpose of ascertaining the acceptability of goat milk and related products in Japan was carried out on 345 guarantees of Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University in December 2006. 275 effective responses (79%) representing middle class urban households were returned. The results revealed that (1) 30% of(More)
It is well established that the gene encoding the hormone secretin is expressed in a specific enteroendocrine cell, the S cell. We now show that the secretin gene is transiently expressed in insulin-producing B cells of the developing pancreatic islets in addition to the intestine. Furthermore, secretin is produced by most established islet cell lines. In(More)
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