Jiro Miyahara

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During the parasitological survey of cultured juvenile Pacific bluefin tuna (PBT) Thunnus orientalis in 2007 and 2008, two myxosporeans and one microsporidian were found. Morphological and molecular analysis showed that the heart-infecting and brain-infecting myxosporeans are identified as Kudoa shiomitsui and K. yasunagai, respectively. This is a new host(More)
Ever since the development of human monoclonal antibody CLN-IgG in 1982, we anticipated the identification of the antigen that is recognized by this antibody. Despite its scarce expression on the cell surface, susceptibility to proteolytic enzymes and adherence to experimental equipment, we finally succeeded in determining the antigen moiety that is(More)
A bacterial strain, which assimilated dextran and water-insoluble glucan produced by Streptococcus mutans, was isolated from soil. The bacterium produced and secreted potent dextranase activity, which was identified as Arthrobacter sp. and named CB-8. The dextranase was purified and some enzymatic properties were characterized. The enzyme efficiently(More)
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