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This paper presents a method of gender classification by integrating facial, hairstyle, and clothing images. Initially, input images are separated into facial, hairstyle and clothing regions, and independently learned PCAs and GMMs based on thousands of sample images are applied to each region. The classification results are then integrated into a single(More)
This paper presents mathematical frameworks on temporal predic-tive processing in the MPEG video compression standard. Firstly, a coding gain is derived based on traditional prediction theories. The optimum ordering of three different picture types (I,P,B-pictures) is clarified according to image source characteristics. Secondly, a novel framework on the(More)
12 TCP is a popular internet protocol for reliable end-to-end data delivery, but it cannot be directly applied to wireless networks in which packet loss may be induced by higher BER or handover than congestion. TCP assumes that such packet loss is caused by network congestion and initiates congestion control procedures. In this paper, we present a novel(More)
overcome these problems of TCP Reno versions, a number of protocols have been proposed. In these researches, friendliness with TCP Reno becomes important. TCP Westwood is an example that is based on end-to-end bandwidth estimate, and brings higher efficiency performances. However it will be shown that the friendliness with TCP Reno is deteriorated according(More)
— In this paper, an efficient algorithm to look for backup parents in preparation of parent leaving is proposed for application layer multicasting whose topology is constituted in the shape of a tree from a single source node. In most conventional methods, each child node starts searching for its new parent after its parent node leaves from a multicasting(More)