Jirina Radilova

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Spontaneous figure reversal of ambiguous patterns was analyzed in humans. A) With Necker-"cube"-like, or "drum"-like figures, having square or round shaped "front" and "rear" surfaces, and either large or small "depth", the perceptual intervals corresponding to both interpretations of "drum" were longer than those of "cube"; the perceived "depth" of the(More)
A permanently illuminated pattern of Mach's truncated pyramid can be perceived according to the experimental instruction given, either as a three-dimensional reversible figure with spontaneously changing convex and concave interpretation (in one experiment), or as a two-dimensional reversible figure-ground pattern (in another experiment). The reversal rate(More)
In this work, the results of two experiments on ambiguous patterns are reported, which have been obtained by presenting a series of stimuli designed, in both cases, to reduce gradually the ambiguity of the patterns. Such reduction has been performed by respectively increasing or decreasing the amount of graphic details in the experiments. Data of both(More)
Ongoing unconscious processes may be influenced by related conscious processes without self-awareness. (a) When the conscious semantic interpretation of physically identical shapes changes due to their angular rotation, the sequence of saccadic movements arid the localization of eye fixations over the shapes change as well. (b) The amplitude of the P 300(More)