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In several regions of Czechoslovakia with intensive agricultural production, the correlation between the amount of nitrogen fertilizer applied and the nitrate content in groundwater has been recognized. Nitrate pollution of groundwater is considered to be the most serious source of nonpoint pollution in Czechoslovakia. A program of research into the effects(More)
Intact human blood plasma lipids of different composition were analyzed by gas chromatography and thin-layer chromatography with flame ionization detection. The reproducibility of the results obtained by gas and thin-layer chromatography was compared. The main advantages and disadvantages of both methods for lipid analysis are discussed. Generally, the(More)
1. The lipoprotein triglycerides of human plasma can be separated by gas chromatography according to their carbon number into four main groups: C48, C50, C52 and C54. We studied the decomposition of molecular types of triglycerides by posttheparin lipoprotein lipase in vitro. 2. Decomposition of the molecular type C52 does not depend on its concentration.(More)
An enzyme with characteristics typical of aliesterase has been found in human blood serum using a gas solid chromatographic assay technique. This conflicts with the findings of several authors that aliesterase is absent in the human blood. Another aliesterase is released into the blood stream after intravenous administration of heparin. Partial purification(More)